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About us

We emerged in 2007 with the will to assume a unique position in today’s society saturated with communication.

no flyers, no banners, no muppies 4
no flyers, no banners, no muppies
no flyers, no banners, no muppies

We are a creative agency focused on turning ideas into reality.

We use guerrilla marketing to reach the hearts and minds of our clients target audience. Our main tactics are the use of unusual means and actions under the slogan “no flyers, no banners, no muppies”. Inspired by Mary Poppins, it was in 2012 that the Umbrella Sky Project appeared, one of our most recognized projects worldwide. A simple idea that demonstrates the impact these actions can have.

.who we are

Meet the team

We believe that creative people can change the world. This is our team and together we make ideas into reality!
Bruno AlmeidaBruno Almeida
Bruno Almeida CFO
Patrícia CunhaPatrícia Cunha
Patrícia Cunha Creative Director
Catarina MariaCatarina Maria
Catarina Maria Design Team
Bruno SilvaBruno Silva
Bruno Silva Technical Team
Marta RodriguesMarta Rodrigues
Marta Rodrigues Administrative Department
.Meet Our clients More than companies, these are the people who we work with and that trust in our work.
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If you are looking for a strategy of differentiation, put us to the test! Contact us